Trade Union Competence Centre (TUCC)


The Trade Union Competence Centre is the FES’ regional trade union project for Sub-Saharan Africa. The aim of the TUCC is not just to impart knowledge but also to enhance the ability of the trade unions and advocacy groups representing the workers of Sub-Saharan Africa to have a say in political processes and to network so as to not only identify latitudes for action in relation to wide-ranging topics but also to increase their actual ability to act.

Economic, political and social problems can no longer be resolved by individual nation states on their own. Often, it is only with heightened regional and international cooperation and collaborative strategies on the part of both governmental and non-governmental players that the right responses to new challenges can be found and internal and intra-state conflicts be tackled. On the one hand, the economy has gone global, but on the other it has also become more differentiated and very clearly "financialised". As such it has clearly overtaken national states in terms of its "supranational" development. The global trade union movement in general, and in this case the African one in particular, must make sure they do not fall behind in this "race" because the working and living conditions of almost one billion people – in 2050 it will already be two billion according to forecasts – absolutely depend on it. If capital has almost always had the upper hand over labour over the course of history, then labour – represented here by the workers’ movement – is facing greater challenges than ever before in the fight for a vaguely viable balance of power or to be a countervailing power of equal calibre.

We are based in the premises of our South Africa country office in Johannesburg and committed to the support of the international labour movement.

FES Trade Union Competence Centre

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FES Africa Department

FES Africa Department

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