Upcoming Events

April 23-27, 2018 I Johannesburg, South Africa

  • FES Trade Unions in Transformation Online Course Preparatory Workshop

May 14-15, 2018 I Nairobi, Kenya

  • Security Workers Africa - Gardaworld Global Alliance Network Meeting

May 16-17, 2018 I Nairobi, Kenya

  • Security Workers Africa - Advanced Organising and Campaigning Workshop

May 22-24, 2018 I Lagos, Nigeria

  • ITUC - Africa Just Transition Strategy Meeting

Past Events

Reform of Trade Union Structures Conference and GLU Alumni Meeting

23-26 October 2017

UNI-Africa Massmart Shop Stewards Alliance Meeting

2 October 2017 | Johannesburg, South Africa

Crossing the Divide: Precarious Work and the Future of Labour

8 August 2017| Johannesburg, South Africa
Workshop invitation

ITF Hubs And Transport Corridors Regional Meeting

24-28 July 2017 | Johannesburg, South Africa

UNI-Africa Pick And Pay Shop Stewards Alliance Meeting

3-4 July 2017 | Johannesburg, South Africa

ITUC Climate Change Regional Workshop On Policy Development

7-9 June 2017 | Johannesburg, South Africa

UNI-Africa Shoprite Shop Stewards Alliance Meeting

15-19 May 2017 | Cape Town, South Africa


14th-16th November 2016 | Johannesburg, South Africa

UNI/FES – Massmart/Walmart Conference

24-27 October 2016 | Johannesburg, South Africa 

IndustriALL Global Union – SAEN Conference

13 -14 October 2016 | Johannesburg, South Africa 

University Of The Witwatersrand, FES GLU Programme 11th Annual Conference

28th– 30th September 2016 | Johannesburg School Of Social Sciences, South Africa

UNI/FES NAKUMATT Trade Union Shop Stewards Alliance Meeting

23rd – 24th August 2016 | Kenya

BWI/FES Africa Network Strategy On Chinese MNCs

10th -12th August 2016 | JHB

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    MNC Trend Report 2018

    The aim of the South African MNC Database and relevant MNC Trend Report is to broaden support for Global Union Federations (GUFs), national...

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  • | Publication

    The Power Resources Approach in the MENA region

    This paper provides a basic introduction to the 'Power Resources Approach' for a MENA region (Middle East and North Africa) audience. In particular it...

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  • | Publication

    The Transformation of Organised Labour

    Trade unions in the Global South and North are innovating and making strategic choices to respond to a changing world of work. This study presents the...

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